ClearSounds Streaming Media Player (CSQLINKTV)
QLINKTV BLUETOOTH STEREO AUDIO TRANSMITTER - The updated QLinkTV delivers crystal-clear stereo sound with top-of-the-line features like automatic reconnection to the last device used, compatibility with other A2DP Bluetooth accessories, versatile micro USB charging functionality, long-lasting battery and more. The QLinkTV works in three simple steps to turn your favorite gadget into a stereo listening experience. First, the QLinkTV plugs directly into your TV, MP3 player, laptop or other device. Second, the QLinkTV cleans up the audio for remarkable sound quality. Lastly, the QLinkTV transmits the high-quality stereo sounds via Bluetooth signal straight to your A2DP Bluetooth receiver.
  • Supports: TV, iPod, HiFi, MP3 player, media player, laptop and other audio devices
  • includes Stereo RCA to Stereo 3.5mm cables
  • Working Distance: up to 33 feet
  • Playing Time: up to 7 hours

ClearSounds Streaming Media Player (CSQLINKTV)

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