Sony AC - LS5B Model, adapter for cyber Shot cameras
This model replaces Original Part Number: Sony AC-LS5, AC-LS5A, AC-LS5B Fits Camera/Camcorder Models: Sony Cyber-shot DSC-F Series DSC-F88 Sony Cyber-shot DSC-G Series DSC-G1 DSC-G3 Sony Cyber-shot DSC-H Series DSC-H3 DSC-H5 DSC-H7 DSC-H9 DSC-H10 DSC-H50 DSC-HX5V Sony Cyber-shot DSC-L Series DSC-L1 DSC-L1/B DSC-L1/LJ DSC-L1/R Sony Cyber-shot DSC-M Series DSC-M2 Sony Cyber-shot DSC-N Series DSC-N1 DSC-N2 Sony Cyber-shot DSC-P Series DSC-P8 DSC-P10 DSC-P32 DSC-P41 DSC-P43 DSC-P52 DSC-P72 DSC-P73 DSC-P92 DSC-P93 DSC-P100 DSC-P100/L DSC-P100/R DSC-P120 DSC-P150 DSC-P200 DSC-P200/R Sony Cyber-shot DSC-T Series DSC-T2 DSC-T5 DSC-T7 DSC-T9 DSC-T10 DSC-T20 DSC-T25 DSC-T30 DSC-T50 DSC-T70 DSC-T75 DSC-T77 DSC-T90 DSC-T100 DSC-T200 DSC-T300 DSC-T500 DSC-T700 DSC-T900 Sony Cyber-shot DSC-V Series DSC-V1 DSC-V3 Sony Cyber-shot DSC-W Series DSC-W5 DSC-W7 DSC-W12 DSC-W30 DSC-W35 DSC-W40 DSC-W50 DSC-W55 DSC-W70 DSC-W80 DSC-W85 DSC-W90 DSC-W100 DSC-W110 DSC-W115 DSC-W125 DSC-W130 DSC-W170 DSC-W180 DSC-W190 DSC-W200 DSC-W300 DSC-W310 DSC-W350 DSC-W370 DSC-WX1/B
  • AC Adaptor for Cyber-shot power system.
  • Can be connected to a wall outlet socket to provide a direct power supply.
  • Provides uninterrupted power supply during image downloading

Sony AC - LS5B Model, adapter for cyber Shot cameras

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