Bodelin ProScope Micro Mobile Microscope Kit for iPad 2/3/4 (PMM-IPADK)
The ProScope Micro Mobile is the first professional level microscope made for use with our growing world of mobile devices. Used in Science education, law enforcement, medical, manufacturing quality control, and more! The ProScope Micro Mobile features 20X to 80X magnification via Edmund pro level glass optics (specially coated lenses for better image quality and color reproduction) as wells as adjustable LEDs to reduce surface reflection. It is powered by a sleek onboard Lithium Ion battery which allows for 5 hours of continuous use. A USB charging cable recharges the battery to full capacity in 2 hours. Made with impact resistant nylon and ABS, the Micro Mobile is built to endure years of field operation. About Bodelin Technologies was built in 2001 with a goal of manufacturing high quality and unique devices for diverse markets like science education, law enforcement and broadcast video production. We pride ourselves in manufacturing in our home state of Oregon where our tight team of engineers, computer geeks and guerilla marketing gorillas fight it out amongst themselves everyday to create products our customers demand. In fact, we never let a product sit still. We live in Oregon where it rains so much up here that we rarely leave for fear of getting soaked or running into Bigfoot, again. Philosophy Our customers are family. We thrive on customer sales and grow our products based on customer feedback. This is one world we all live in and the fact that any customer, in any country would spend any time with us to ask a question or purchase our product means they have given us a piece of their life. For our families and our world we owe our customers everything.
  • Included in Kit: .
  • ProScope Micro Mobile base unit.
  • 20X-80X lens.
  • iPad sleeve.
  • Adjustable nylon lens cone.
  • Stand.
  • USB charging cable.
  • Made in Oregon, USA.

Bodelin ProScope Micro Mobile Microscope Kit for iPad 2/3/4 (PMM-IPADK)

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